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New to dry aging

I have read about the culinary benefits to dry aging so I decided to give it a go. These bags have been super easy and produce a far superior quality of meat. You will not be disappointed!


We loved the bags! We aged a rib roast (don’t know the real name, my husband did it) first run was for 21 days! Then put back for 9 more days and it was the best steak I’ve EVER had! We cook our steaks reverse sear and it’s perfect!

Dry Aging Bags™





Perfect outcome

I have dry-aged rib-eye for 3 weeks twice now and outcome was fantastic. Easy to use too.

One of the best dry age bags

I have used multiple bags for dry aging and this is the most consistent one.

Awesome product with awesome results!

Picked up these bags to try my hand at dry aging some prime rib and striploin roasts. Came out amazing! So happy and will definitely be ordering more!

Excellent product

The bags works perfectly. Got some great tasty and tender steaks.

Just Started

First time trying. Was easy to set up and seal. Waiting on the final product.

first time ever and it worked great

It was easy to understand the process and to prepare the package. The difficult part was the waiting..
In a 4Kg piece of meat, it lost 600gr of water.

Bags are amazing!

I will buy them soon for sure... Great product!

Large Dry Aging Bags ™

dry aging bags

good result , but i couldn't find reason for the yellow strip. all worked well and steak was beautiful. I have sent this review before cheers Michael

Great product i recommend

Great product

Easy to use

The bags were extremely easy to use and help me age a fantastic New York strip. I’m looking forward to my next purchase and my next cut of meat.

Just great!

Easy to use...Practical... Make its job properly... 👍

A really good product.


Great product !

Super easy to use and the results have been great so far !

Thank You!

they work!

I was a little skeptical but I had to recognize that these bags actually work. I tried it first on a pigeon and a quail and then on beef. Meat is well aged and gained in flavor and texture. Definitely worth a try and you can see it by yourself.

Sexy meat

We dry age our beef and have perfect dry age tasty steaks. Your bags do most of the work. Outstanding!


The meat was perfectly aged


Easy to use very good