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Automatic Vacuum Sealer
Michael Neifeld

Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Dry Aging Bags™
George Balasa

Great results

Dry Aging Bags™
Sebastian Vicens
Nice discover!

This bags works!!! I’m happy with the results!

Fantastic bags!

These bags are amazing! If you've never had a dry aged steak, definitely give it a try. These dry aging bags are super easy to use!

Dry Aging Bags™
Eric Racette

Best meatexperience ever !!!

Dry Aging Bag Works!

Bags worked as advertised! I did 60 days on first try with whole Prime NY Strip Loin. Tasted like restaurant Prime Dry Aged!

Dry Aging Bags™
Alejandro Ayala Seibane
Great results

I dry agenda couple of pieces for 30 days and it turned out to be fantastic!
Great value

Dry Aging Bags™
Gary Johnson
So far so good.

First attempt.Used a 3kg scotch fillet. Aged for 30 days. Looks good but meat became flattened during the ageing process which resulted in less meat for eating. Flavour good. Next time will use a larger cut of meat and tie to retain shape. Bags worked well.

Dry Aging Bags™
Najeeb Yaser

The sealer did not close the bags well… they kept opening. I lost three bags while trying. And gave up!

Dry Aging Bags™
Judith Kennedy

Dry Aging Bags™

Very satisfied

My first attempt at this I did a whole sirloin for 21 days the most very happy with the results meat was very tender and had an awesome taste in the process of doing another whole sirloin for 45 days

Dry Aging Bags™
Scott Deppen
Perfect Ribeye steaks

First time using the bags and they worked just as described. Beautiful boneless rib roast made 7 beautiful steaks.

Dry Aging Bags™
frankie baker
First experience

Giving this 5 stars bc even after 1 week it was one of the best steaks I’ve had. I chose a bone in rib-eye cut and due to the shape the bag wouldn’t vacuum around the bone side. I got nervous about the area with air in it and cooked after a week. Was amazing, looking forward to getting a boneless cut and trying again.

Dry Aging Bags™
Kim McCaveney
I was skeptical!!

When I first saw these, I was skeptical on the process and results. I was wrong - the strip loin roast I used for the process was a bit small so I only aged it 21 days. The steaks we cut from this roast were delicious - the result of the aging process was as advertised!! Thank you. Off to purchase a larger roast so we can experiment with a 45 day aging...looking forward to really flavourful steaks!

Dry Aging Bags™
Lucas Sanguinetti

Dry Aging Bags™

Dry Aging Bags™
Bobby Chaten
Bobby Happy

I love the bags they are doing a wonderful job in my new hobby dry age ribeye steak. Thank You for the bags doing a wonderful job.

Dry Aging Bags™
Haris Arifovic
Seems legit

5 weeks down, 1 to go. The meat is aging perfectly with minimum loss of weight. Can't wait to try it out!

Large Dry Aging Bags ™
Christopher Perron

Wonderful bags

Dry Aging Bags™
Krasimir Krastev
Actually great!

Didnt expect them to work so well, but the result is awesome!

Who knew?!

So easy. So great. Worked perfectly and easy and we got great-flavoured steaks as a result. A regular must!

Dry Aging Bags™
Shai Alfassi
It's work perfect !

Amazing resulsts, unbeliviable technology,friendly proccess

Dry Aging Bags™
Habegger-Niclasse Daniela

Because of troubles with my refrigerator i still couldn't try the bags! Now the new frigo arrived! He has a separate compartment for hygienize the food. Would it also be good to do that to the meat before Dry-Aging?


Its working great

Not enough time

Just received the order 2 days ago so I can’t in good conscience comment.

Dry Aging Bags™
Brian Crosby
Where’s the beef.

Can’t say enough about this product.tried some strip loins aged for 35 days unbelievable can’t eat beef any other way.when I finish this review I,m ordering another set of bags larger ones so I can do bigger pieces of beef