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It works!!!!

Just thank you for this wonderful possbility to make such delicius meet by yourself!!!! Make meet Great again- by yourself!! ☺️☺️☺️

Large Dry Aging Bags ™

Bags work great

I tried different kinds of meat now but every single time the bags really do their job. You can just focus on the meat and other aspects.
I kept them in the fridge I use all the time and as promised it simply works.


Great value for money

Really nice product

Work very well, just follow the instruction, very easy step. I should have taken the big bag, not the medium for a brisket...

21 days steak

Fantastic . Bag worked like a charm and the meat was unbelievable

best of the best

I have used dryagingbags for more than 70 days, and i used 2 times to get best steak i have ever ate. Highly recomended.

The bag does not work well with Food Saver machine but tried it with another Brand and it worked well

The BEST Dry Age Solution for home cooks!

How can I justify my 5 starts review?
Easy... I have ate the best maturated PICANHA , ever...
When the result it's perfect, there's nothing like give a 5 starts review.

Great purchase

It was everything as expected, good quality. Thanks!

Super Results!

I was skeptical about this product but the results were Super! Definitely recommended.

Dry Aging Bags™

Perfect solution for the perfect meat

Tried with 3.5 kg ribeye cut. After 21 days in the fridge- very tender and tasty steaks!

Un gran producto

Es nuestra primer carne madura y está quedando increíble

Dry Aging Bags™

Excellent result

Great experience! After 15 days aging in the fridge the meat was simply delicious. Will definitely repeat.

Love Steak again

Great Success with my Rib-Eye Steaks. Love steak again


Excellent product. Recommend to everyone

I still not use it

As I saw it, look good, but didn't use it, was too busy, sorry as soon I will saw it will write 📝 a review

not sealing good enough

not sealing good enough

Automatic Vacuum Sealer


Great results

Nice discover!

This bags works!!! I’m happy with the results!

Fantastic bags!

These bags are amazing! If you've never had a dry aged steak, definitely give it a try. These dry aging bags are super easy to use!


Best meatexperience ever !!!