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drying bag

le service est impécable et le produit pour les résultats je vous le dirais dans 6 mois

quick shipping from across the world

I was very happy with the way the bags came in and the speed the arrived with. i’m in western canada so that’s pretty far from lithuania. i have yet to see the results of the bag because it’s such a long process but i’m sure it will be great.

works great

Large Dry Aging Bags ™

Works good, needs more instructions

I tried the bag on a rib roast. I aged the meat for approx 3 weeks. planned on longer, but had meal earlier than expected. The directions for placing meat in bag were sufficient, but no information on how long to age the meat.

Excelent product

Bought the bags a couple months ago. Tryed it twice and it worked excelent both times. The aged meat was perfect. Thanks alot!!

Very happy

These bags are amazing, worked perfectly

Great Product!

I was a bit skeptical initially but took a chance and am glad I did! I aged a rib roast for 30 days and it came out perfect! My next aging I will do for 45 days... can’t wait to experience the results!!

Works perfectly

Fit a 13 lbs New York strip in he bag without problems. Great product.

Works like a charm

Right size for 10-12 lbs New York strip. Perfect.


Prime rib and brisket. 30 days aged best beef ever prepared in my house.

Worth it 🤩 60 days

Wow serious this is great 👍🏼 and in your own fridge 😎

Great Aging BAgs

I aged Prime Rib 3x's so far with great results. Two with bone in and one without the bone. All 3 came out great. Aged 35-45 plus days.

Made the best rib roast dinner for Christmas

I decided to try and age a standing rib roast. It would not fit in the bag, so I cut it in half and used two bags. I aged it for 21 days. AMAZING results. I would like to purchase larger bags for next year.

Worked perfectly, but took FOREVER to get here.

Worked exactly as advertised, can’t wait to try again. Did take WAY too long to arrive though...over a month. Not acceptable.

Dry aging bags

Having watched Guga several times and hear him rave about dryage steaks, had to give it a whirl...wasn’t disappointed...35 day aged rib eye steaks on Christmas Day..fantastic...bags super easy to use and worked a treat!

Awesome product

Bags worked like a charm. Took a little practice getting it to seal properly with my vac sealer but after a few attempts it was all good!

unexpected good

meat come out aged excellently. Would be great if the bag get bigger so it is easier to get the meat fitted in.


Works perfectly with beef. Easy To use

Excellent product


Excellent product with great results

Just finished my 40 day dry aged prime NY Strip loin. First time using this product and very happy with the results. Next time I will try a bone in rib roast.


I just started age drying some venison. Will let you know how it turns out when it is done. I am excited and can't wait.

How great the steaks are

The bags were easy to use the meat at 49 days were so tender I have friends that want them now

Got the look but not the taste

After a 30 day age on a whole prime strip loin it developed a good rind but lacked the flavor that beef aged at a butcher shop has.

First Time Dry Aging (Now 22 days into #2)

My 1st attempt Dry Age involved a 13.5# Prime Rib Roast.....and after two bags....I finally got my Vacuum Seal to seal the yellow strip in correctly! I aged it for 24 days and smoked it on my Camp Chef Pellet Smoker low and slow after trimming all the beautiful Mahogany Crust off. I am now on my 2nd Prime Rib Roast scheduled for a 28 day age since November 27th. I is 8.5#s and looks beautiful on day 22 (Today - 12/18/2020).