Large Dry Aging Bags ™
Large Dry Aging Bags ™

Large Dry Aging Bags ™

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✔ Winner of a Food Product Innovation Award
✔ Lab-tested breathable membrane technology
✔ Safe and easy to use!

made in europe

S Package includes: 
 3 Dry Aging Bags Size: 11.8x23.6 in / 30x60cm
 3 Adapter strips for channel-type sealers 
✔ Dry Aging process manual

M Package includes: 
 12 Dry Aging Bags Size: 11.8x23.6 in / 30x60cm
 12 Adapter strips for channel-type sealers 
✔ Dry Aging process manual

XL Package includes: 
✔ 30 Dry Aging Bags Size: 11.8x23.6 in / 30x60cm
 30 Adapter strips for channel-type sealers 
✔ Dry Aging process manual 

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Better than I thought

I was skeptical about how well these bags would work, but I just cut the bark off a side of prime rib steak and a side of new York steaks, and the meat looked phenomenal. I sliced the sides into 1.5" cuts and now I can't wait to cook them up and try them.

Hard to believe how these work

There have been quite a few positive reviews which mirror my experience. I had a little difficulty sealing the bags because of the paper strip but i was successful. The bag did not suck down tight like normal vacuum sealing which made me nervous but it worked fine in the end. My one complaint was that the largest bags still dont hold an entire rib primal which is the way you buy them. I had to cut it in half and use two bags which is a little more wasteful when you trim them. I put them in my extra fridge which I would advise as during the dessicating process the bag enables does release some meat smell. Not unpleasant but I suspect it could permeate some foods. I was surprised how much the meat shrunk as it gave up water but then thats the process. At 35 days i opened the first bag. The meat was really firm...especially the fat but no funky smell or mold. Thats the hard to believe part. The trimming was not as aggressive as I feared so i ended up with slightly smaller ribeye steaks that looked beautiful. I cut them about 1 1/2" thick and cut off some extra fat (these were prime grade). They grilled up nicely and were notably tender and flavorful. One never knows but I think the aging process improved both the tenderness and the flavor....not to overlook the cool factor of aging your own steaks. A couple more weeks for the second half. Not knowing what to expect I just served family from the first attempt but I am anxious to serve my steak buddies the next batch.

Currently very Pleased

3 ea. 1" thick Ribeye's sealed with a light dusting of hickory salt. Will test them 27 March 2020 that will be 45 days. I'll then do a new Review. So far looking great. If you have a glass shelves fridge use a wire rack under the Steaks.

Dry age bags

The bags work great. My only complaint is the time it took to get them. It took over a month.


Whilst the wait for the product to arrive was long, once it did turn finally arrive, the product does what it states. I have just completed dry aging my first cut of meat and I am about to start another. I would recommend this product to others.