How To Dry Age Meat | DryAgingBags™ – DryAgingBags™ | The Best Way To Dry Age Meat At Home



With our unique breathable membrane DryAgingBags™, we offer you the easiest, effectual and cost-friendly method to condition your beef for that awesome juiciness and step up your culinary expertise right at the comfort of your home.


1. Place the meat into the bag (Prep Time: 5 minutes)

We start by packaging the meat in the special dry-aging bag. After you have thoroughly cleaned your hands and work surface, it is time to put the meat in the bag. Ensure that you place the meat well in the back of the bag. After this you can fold the bag back again, taking care that you keep the area to be sealed clean. 


2. Remove air from the DryAgingBags™ (Prep Time: 5 minutes)

The second step of drying is to remove at least 85% of the air from the bag. The easiest method is with a simple vacuum machine. Seal the bag firmly without leaving any air inside (use our vacuum strips for vacuum machine. Commercial vacuum machines works fine without vacuum strips). Ensure that the bag is properly wrinkle-free and seal the corners in 45 degrees on both sides. Place the included DryAgingBags™ Strip in the opening of the bag. See also the supplied instruction card. Remove the air from the bag with the vacuum machine and massage the air from the bag if necessary.


3. Dry Aging in your own fridge (Aging Time: 15 to 50 Days depending on preference) 

Place the bag in the fridge for 15-50 days (put on a rack you must ensure that air can get around the meat). Make sure your cooling is between +1 and +4 degrees Celsius. You can check this with a (core) thermometer. After placing the meat on the rack in the refrigerator, you may not move it for the first 4 days (during this time the bag sticks to the meat). 


4. Preparing the steaks (Prep Time: 15 minutes) 

When the meat arrives at room temperature, you can take the meat out of the bag, divide it and finally cut away the crust. Cut the meat into steaks with a good sharp knife. Often these slices are 3 to 5 cm thick. Carefully cut away the crust per steak, taking care that you do not cut away too much. Most taste is just below the crust. (Optional: If you are not going to prepare the meat immediately, we advise you to store it in a regular vacuum package in the refrigerator or freezer.


4. Preparing the steaks (Prep Time: 15 minutes) 

This is the moment you have been waiting for, you are finally going to prepare your own dry-aged meat. The methods are of course varied, but we do give a few tips. Make sure that you let the meat arrive at room temperature. There is up to 20% moisture in the meat, so grilling for a short period of time on low heat is recommended. Meat will develop an exceptionally roasted, dry nutty flavour. Enjoy your culinary masterpiece!