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Choose Your Meat

To age meat properly, you need to choose a large piece that is suitable for quick cooking methods. This includes New York strip, rib-eye steak —ideal for aging.

Seal The Bag

Seal the meat in DryAgingBag™'s unique breathable membrane technology which provides a safe environment for the meat to dry age in the fridge for 15-50 days.

Moisture Evaporates

The moisture evaporates from the meat, which intensifies the flavor. Natural enzymes break down connective tissue which tenderizes the meat.

Change In Flavor

The flavour is caused by enzymatic and bacterial action, along with the oxidation of fat. Properly dry-aged meat develops intensely nutty, almost cheese-like aromas.

Shave The Rind

After 15 to 50 days, a rough rind will have formed around the meat caused by oxidation of the fat. Shave off the mahogany-colored rind.

Prepare To Enjoy!

Take the steak out of the bag and sear to perfection. Dry aged meats also keep well when placed in a vacuum sealed bag to enjoy another day.