The easiest way to dry age meat at home!

Unique breathable membrane

Moisture out, flavor in

1. Extract the air from the DryAgingBag

2. Put on a rack in the fridge for 15-50 days



To age meat properly, you need to choose a large piece that is suitable for quick cooking methods. This makes the standard steakhouse cuts—the New York strip, the rib-eye steak and the porterhouse—ideal for aging.

Seal meat with the DryAgingBag’s unique breathable membrane technology, that provides a perfectly safe environment for each piece of meat, which must be put on rack in the fridge for 15-50 days.

First, the moisture evaporates from the meat, thereby concentrating and intensifying the flavor of the beef. The natural enzymes in the meat break down the connective tissue, thereby tenderizing the meat and imparting a distinct dry aged flavor

The change to the flavor is caused by numerous processes, including enzymatic and bacterial action, along with the oxidation of fat and other fat-like molecules. Properly dry-aged meat develops intensely beefy, nutty, almost cheese-like aromas.

After the aging process, shave off the mahogany-colored rind, to reveal the juicy, red, dry-aged beef!

Take the steak out of the bag, and sear it to perfection, or put it away in freezer.


Do you know that tenderness is often found to be the most important factor of beef eating satisfaction?

Do you know that aging beef increases tenderness of meat by allowing enzymes in the meat to break down protein?

Do you know that dry aged beef have the lowest aerobic/anaerobic bacteria among beef aging methods?

Do you know that packaging in a highly moisture-permeable bag would positively impact on safety, quality and shelf stability of dry aged beef?

Do you know that Dry Aging Bag™ delivers high quality moisture permeable bags specifically designed for your beef aging processes?