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Thank you DryAgingBags!

The DryAgingBags process makes curing meats simple and fool proof. My latest batch was done drying yesterday, so we gave it a try and it was perfect as usual. I'm never going back to the old way of hanging the meat in my wine cellar at the "right time of the year", hoping it dries at the correct rate and doesn't develop mold spots inside it. I recall too many times where the end product did not turn out as I had hoped. Now I make batches whenever we're about to run out in the convenience of our basement fridge. Thank you DryAgingBags!

Dry aging bags

This experience was fabulous… Dry Aging bags are very easy to use, the charcuterie was succulent. We will definitely continue to pursue our passion with this product as long as possible.

Excelente producto!!!!!!!!!

Muy satisfactorio y con una extraordinaria relación costo-benefició.
El proceso de alejamiento se realiza solo y con excelentes resultados

Amazing product!

I absolutely love this product. Good price and works as promised. I loveeeeee the taste of the meat after 14 days. Can’t wait to order more.

7 week Dry Aged Picanha

The photos speak for themselves.
The flavour intensity and tenderness was unbelievable, I have already started the 7/8 week aging process on a short rib and pork belly. Be prepared to use a bag or two while learning. Adding a couple more vacuum sealer strips strips would really be helpful.

WOW! The final product is perfect. Thanks for sharing, Michael.

Pros and cons

The finished result with a 8 pounds Angus Roastbeef was excellent (see pictures) but I through away 3 bags before being able to seal it properly. The provided strips are useless, using a professional bell sealer burns the bag while the end I've put the wrinkle part of a regular sealing bag (100 micron) on the sealing strip inside the bag and it worked great.

Greatest product on the earth

Makes beautiful dry aged steaks!!! Easy to use! I’ll never buy aged beef at but her again. These are a far more economical way to consume dry aged steaks

Great packages

Very easy and simple, I got a great aged steak. Exposure 40 days.

Worked perfectly

We used the water method to seal the bags and it worked like a charm! After 40 days the meat was delicious.

Looking forward for the next time

Thanks Dry Aging Bags!


Amazing results

Excellent taste and meat structure after 21 days, 32 days and 50 days

Hi there,
excellent taste and meat structure after 21 days, 32 days and 50 days.
Fill it 2 times with no frozen beef, perfect.
3rd time I try to use frozen meet and take it inside the bag with to much fluid, so it takes longer time to get the fluid out, but the taste and softness after this time, GREAT!
I will do again

Extremely positive product with pro results

If you supply the best meat the result is outstanding , better than 95% of the restaurants

Solid product


Was abit sceptical about these bags but thought I would give them ago.
Couldn't believe how well they worked 10/10 will definitely buy more.

Good price, quick delivery, nice business!

Amazing results with a 30 days aging for tenderloin cut. Just a bit of rubbing salt and get the best beef I ever taste!

Excelent result

Stored a 2.3kg ribeye for three weeks in the fridge (set to 1 deg Celsius) and the result was stunning.
Awesome taste.
The bag was very easy to use. Used my vacuum-seal thingy to pull out most of the air, and then sealed the bag according to recommendations.
Left it in the fridge for three weeks on a grate so air could circulate.
Cut 1½" stakes, fried on a very hot pan in loads of butter, seasoning and voila, an awesome stake was served :-)

It works!!!!

Just thank you for this wonderful possbility to make such delicius meet by yourself!!!! Make meet Great again- by yourself!! ☺️☺️☺️

Really nice product

Work very well, just follow the instruction, very easy step. I should have taken the big bag, not the medium for a brisket...

21 days steak

Fantastic . Bag worked like a charm and the meat was unbelievable

Super Results!

I was skeptical about this product but the results were Super! Definitely recommended.


Best meatexperience ever !!!

Who knew?!

So easy. So great. Worked perfectly and easy and we got great-flavoured steaks as a result. A regular must!

It's work perfect !

Amazing resulsts, unbeliviable technology,friendly proccess


Its working great


I aged my ribeye for 16 days and it turned out beautiful. Tasty and flavorful.