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No problem with the shipping

I've bought it from Europe ( Spain) and no trouble with the shipping. It's soon to speak about the result, the meat is still in the fridge.

Excellent results!!!!

I was impressed by the result I got, even when taking "cheap/on sale" rib eye at the grocery store, I got a wonderfull results with meat that was tasting way better/much more tender than the grocery pricy 21 days aged sterling Beef!!! to the price of Dry aging bags is realy worthed considering the results i got!!!!

Worked perfectly

We used the water method to seal the bags and it worked like a charm! After 40 days the meat was delicious.

Looking forward for the next time

Thanks Dry Aging Bags!

Take care of meat!

This is the best way to preserve the quality of meat!
It's still fresh like when you bought it!!

Dry Aging Bags™

Amazing STEAK!

Simple to use and amazing results, I will never go back to shop bought off the shelf steak again!

We have used them twice now and the meat turns out beautiful. Very tender and has a nutty flavour will be getting more

Very good product

My Dry Aging Bags are very good.


Works as promised!

Great product, used it twice

I compared many products and this one is the best

So easy!

This is the first time I have tried aging my own steaks... The DryAgingBags make it so easy. The hardest part is the waiting.



Great 😊

First steaks good to go!

Tried 2 different sized steaks and they turned out great, can't wait for the next round.

Good product prompt delivery

Dry Aging Bags™

oh yes

oh yes, that's IT

used several packages.. everything is just great

The Perfect Steak

45 days is the best for tenderness and taste! Wont go back to just store bought same day...ever! My only complaint is I wish the bags would seal easier than they do...I always struggle using my sealer

First Time user

Bags are a little difficult to seal but if you persevere with multiple seals success will come. Have now got two lots of Sirloin underway. Already seeing the change in the meat. Cannot wait to see and taste the end result

Easy to use, amazing results

It is easy to use and results are excellent! The vacuum sealer pulls de air out quickly and efficiently
During the dry aging process the number of the days and size of steaks determines the ideal aging point

Excellent choice

We ordered these bags to experiment with dry aging meat and it's been an absolute blast since then. Can't wait to get the next one ready and in the bag. Well worth the purchase.

Great Product

I use these in my restaurant exclusively to dry age our Ribeyes anywhere from 35 to 120 days. Consistently help me create a great aged steak for my guests.

Amazing product and helpful instructions!

The bags were super easy to use and after 21 days, the steaks came out perfect. Can't wait to use them again on a beautiful roast. Recommend this product to anyone who wants to get into dry aging. This product is high quality at the best price point in the market.