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✔ Winner of a Food Product Innovation Award
✔ Lab-tested breathable membrane technology
✔ Safe and easy to use!

made in europe

3-Pack includes: 
3 Dry Aging Bags Size: 10x20 in / 25x50cm 
3 Adapter strips for channel-type sealers 
✔ Dry Aging process manual

12-Pack (SAVE 15%) includes: 
12 Dry Aging Bags Size: 10x20 in / 25x50cm 
12 Adapter strips for channel-type sealers 
✔ Dry Aging process manual

30-Pack (SAVE 20%) includes: 
✔ 30 Dry Aging Bags Size: 10x20 in / 25x50cm
30 Adapter strips for channel-type sealers 
✔ Dry Aging process manual 

Available larger size click here

Customer Reviews

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Great bags!!!

First time trying to dry age and it came out fabulous. Wish I would have gotten the larger bags but was able to cut the whole NY strip in half and use 2 separate bags. Dry ages half for 25 days and the second half for 35.

It does precisely what it's supposed to do

Who would've expected that, right? I takes quite an effort to properly vacuum the bag though. The bag is much softer than regular vacuum bags and my vacuum packer is a slot type, not clamshell, so you have to push the bag with the yellow strip into the slot for the machine to pick it up. And it's a challenge. I finally managed to do that with the yellow strip going along the bag (less recommended way). But 3 weeks later I have a slab of a perfectly aged meat.

Thank you DryAgingBags!

The DryAgingBags process makes curing meats simple and fool proof. My latest batch was done drying yesterday, so we gave it a try and it was perfect as usual. I'm never going back to the old way of hanging the meat in my wine cellar at the "right time of the year", hoping it dries at the correct rate and doesn't develop mold spots inside it. I recall too many times where the end product did not turn out as I had hoped. Now I make batches whenever we're about to run out in the convenience of our basement fridge. Thank you DryAgingBags!

Excelente producto!!!!!!!!!

Muy satisfactorio y con una extraordinaria relación costo-benefició.
El proceso de alejamiento se realiza solo y con excelentes resultados

7 week Dry Aged Picanha

The photos speak for themselves.
The flavour intensity and tenderness was unbelievable, I have already started the 7/8 week aging process on a short rib and pork belly. Be prepared to use a bag or two while learning. Adding a couple more vacuum sealer strips strips would really be helpful.

WOW! The final product is perfect. Thanks for sharing, Michael.