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Dry Aging Bags™

Dry Aging Bags™

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✔ Winner of a Food Product Innovation Award
✔ Lab-tested breathable membrane technology
✔ Safe and easy to use!

made in europe

S Package includes: 
3 Dry Aging Bags Size: 10x20 in / 25x50cm 
3 Adapter strips for channel-type sealers 
✔ Dry Aging process manual

M Package includes: 
12 Dry Aging Bags Size: 10x20 in / 25x50cm 
12 Adapter strips for channel-type sealers 
✔ Dry Aging process manual

XL Package includes: 
✔ 30 Dry Aging Bags Size: 10x20 in / 25x50cm
30 Adapter strips for channel-type sealers 
✔ Dry Aging process manual 

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Customer Reviews

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dry aging bags

My Cabelas vacuum sealer seals other dry aging bags but for some reason these are more difficult to get a good seal. I read that I didn't have to have a special sealer for these bags but I'm thinking maybe they are heaver and need several seal attempts to get a good seal.

good so far...

The bad: It took 35 days from my order to receive. From my tracking of the package, the bulk of the wait time was in US Customs. Possibly they can have some US stock to fulfill orders to expedite deliveries. It comes from Lithuania.
The hopeful: Im 14 days into the dryage process and everything looks good so far. I bought a 15lb. prime rib roast so I'm expecting good things. Stay tuned...

So Easy, So Tender, So Juicy and so Tasty.

My 3rd ageing, aiming for between 30 to 45 days if I can wait and resist the temptation. Awesome product, its so easy and simple to use, but the outcome is so tender, so tasty and juicy, unbelievably delicious. The hardest part is the waiting, can’t wait to try this rib-eye over hot coals on a hot Ozzie Summer day.

On going effort

I put a New York strip into the bags. I had to cut it in half and place it into two bags to ensure a good seal. It's approaching 30 days and I'll open the first one at 45, they look good from the outside. Be aware these bags come from Lithuania and it took about three weeks for delivery, doesn't affect the product though.

They worked as advertised

I have dry aged meat in the past and have a small dry aging fridge at my home. This is my first time using a dry aging bag. I used it in my dry aging fridge (dorm room sized) on 7.3 lb. bone in ribeye for 33 days. I sealed these with the vacuum sealer I already own. I feel the bag worked as promised & I am happy with the product. The steaks are great. Will definitely try these again.